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Marketing Life Insurance

Mortgage Protection

FBMC has over 25 years of experience in Mortgage Protection Leads. These leads help insurance agents contact prospects and write Life Insurance with Living Benefits.

Terminal Illness Living Benefits Death Benefit Critical Illness Chronic Illness To learn more about FBMC Services, hover over the circles in the illustration.

Hot Leads

FBMC has provided leads to hundreds of agents for over 25 years. Our quality hot leads that are fresh, enable the agent to be the first in the door, and protect the prospect and his family from losing their home in the event of untimely death. Also, the Living Benefits feature allows the insured to access the benefits of the policy in case of terminal or critical illness.

Leads Are NOT Shared

FBMC leads are exclusive and not shared or sold to anyone else. The quality leads have enabled agents to write millions of dollars in premium and even earn a six-figure annual income for themselves.

Local Leads

We may have good quality leads available in your area. Contact us for pricing and other details. You will be glad you did.

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