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For marketing to Medicare recipients, Family Benefits Marketing Consultants is the go-to resource. Whether you are a seasoned vet or a first-time agent, FBMC is THE one-stop shop for growing and supporting your Medicare-related business activities.

Products Lines

FBMC provides the resources to explore a wide variety of options for product lines including Medicare health plans, ACA health plans, supplemental & life insurance business.

Marketing Resources

The world of health care is complex. FBMC will give you access to marketing tools that can help explain to your prospects all of their options. And we have compliant pre-approved pieces to help you sell your business!

We are dedicated to providing our agents with a variety of materials, including:

  • Print Collateral
  • Form Letters
  • Postcards
  • Informational Brochures
  • Pitch Scripts
  • Social Media
  • …and More!

Marketing to Medicare Recipients and Providers

The following is a sample of the guidance provided for marketing in fast-paced Medicare provision and representation businesses! INFO

Medicare Advantage marketing material distributed for advertising purposes must follow the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Medicare Marketing Guidelines.

Branded material - marketing material that contains carrier and/or product information (e.g., plan name or logo, costs or benefits). Must be approved by the carrier and typically CMS.

Non-branded or Generic material - self-created materials that are free of any plan or product information, brands or carrier logos. Does not need to be approved by CMS, but must comply with CMS guidelines.

Medicare Advantage Insurance and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans carriers may allow use of their logo in certain circumstances such as websites, but agents must receive approval from a carrier. You may send your piece for review, along with the list of carrier, and we will provide submission instructions to you.

Disclaimer: "This is an advertisement." (required for all mailers; must be on the front of the envelope or postcard)
Disclaimer: "Calling the number above will connect you with a licensed insurance/sales agent." (anytime a phone number is listed)
Disclaimer: "By providing the information above, I give permission for a licensed sales agent to contact me by phone or email to discuss Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans, and/or Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans." (business-reply cards, or a request for permission to contact)
Font size: All text must be in a minimum of 12 pt. font size, Times New Roman or equivalent, and is required on all documents with the exclusion of business cards.

CMS prohibits the use of language that implies or may lead consumers to believe than an individual works for os is otherwise connected with Medicare, Social Security, or any other government Programs. For example, it is non-compliant to refer to yourself as a "Medicare Specialist" or "Medicare Advisor."
Government symbol use is also strictly prohibited. Consumer facing materials cannot mimic or resemble a CMS or government agency design. (e.g., American flag, eagle, or Medicare ID card sample)
You should also not use the word "senior" but instead use "Medicare beneficiary" or "Medicare eligible." Using the word "senior" excludes those under age 65 on a disability.
MMGs also prohibit the use of absolute statements like "best plan" or "all carriers."

Websites and social media are held to the same regulations as traditional marketing materials. CMS Medicare Marketing Guidelines apply, as well as carrier rules. All website and social media pages should be kept generic, should not post any plan or benefit information and should not use any carrier logo without prior approval.
Electronic business reply cards (commonly known as lead generation forms) must adhere to the same regulations as traditional business reply cards. Agents are required to report any third-party marketing or enrollment websites that include Medicare lead generation to carriers. Please submit your website information by clicking here.
On social media, agents must clearly identify they are a licensed insurance agent and have the necessary disclaimers with any post. Agents can list the name and address of their business and indicate the type of product offered
There are a few other limitations for social media in regards to unsolicited contact. For example, CMS guidelines state that if an individual comments, likes, or follows on social, this does not constitute agreement to receive any communications.
Thus, a consumer liking or commenting on an agent's Facebook page does not give the agent permission to contact. Also, agents must not reach out to prospects with an advertisement through Facebook messaging.
Agents are required to report all social media pages, you may submit your social media page or website to our Compliance Board by emailing Sales

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